Glue Stick, Clear, Non-Toxic

Glue Stick, Clear, Non-Toxic

E5801 - Energizer Industrial Battery, Size AA

E5801 - Energizer Industrial Battery, Size AA

E5800 - Energizer Industrial Battery, Size AAA

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Alkaline chemical system-type batteries, with no mercury added, are designed for heavy current drain or continuous use applications in the office or in industrial settings. These batteries are not rechargeable.

Suggested commercial applications include: portable communications equipment, cameras, audio devices, high-powered flashlights, pagers, TV remotes, cordless computer mouse and related computer peripherals, clocks and medical monitoring devices.

Ordering Information: Priced per each multi-pack of AAA batteries.

AAA rated capacity at 25 mA continuous drain: 1155 mAh. Milliamp/hour (mAh) is the relative capacity of a battery based on current drain. Generally, the higher the mAh, the longer the battery will perform under optimal conditions. The relative capacity of these batteries is based on a 25 mAh continuous drain to a cutoff of 0.8 volts per battery.


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