E5326-0000-000 - D-Ring, Substitute for 1

E5326-0000-000 - D-Ring, Substitute for 1" & 2" Ring Binder

E5328-0000-000 - D-Ring, Substitute for 1½

E5328-0000-000 - D-Ring, Substitute for 1½", 2½" & 3" Ring Binder

E5327 - Heavy Duty Vinyl Binder, 3” Ring, 8½” x 11”

As low as $80.59

3" Heavy duty vinyl binder, no overlay; O-ring 8½" x 11", with inside pockets on both the front and back cover.

Dimensions listed are the sheet size followed by the bound side.
The listed ring size is the diameter of the ring, and not the measurement of the binder spine.

Ordering Information: Priced per case of 6, same color binders.

A D-ring option is available for an additional $0.22 per binder. (To order, use NYSID item# E5328-0000-000 in conjunction with this item number).
Please indicate how D-ring should be mounted - either on the spine or on the back cover.

Custom colors may be ordered if a color swatch is provided. Contact NYSID Customer Service 800-221-5994, for more information on special orders.

Printed Binders: Silk screen printing is available at an additional cost, with a set-up charge of $38.33 for orders under $250.

Camera-ready artwork must be submitted with the first order. For subsequent orders, submit a photocopy for correct logo identification.

Price Chart Per Binder:
From 1 to 999 binders add $0.23 each;
1,000 to 2,499 binders add $0.11 each;
2,500 to 4,999 binders add $0.07 each;
5,000 binders and up add $0.06 each.

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