D4517 - Truck Wash Cleaner

D4517 - Truck Wash Cleaner

D4667 - Laundry Detergent, Rainbow Suds Concentrate

D4667 - Laundry Detergent, Rainbow Suds Concentrate

Fragranced Urinal Screen

As low as $74.96

Scented urinal screens fit over the drain and act as a net to catch debris such as cigarettes, paper and other refuse. The fragrance is released as the urinal is utilized so that patrons smell a pleasant scent rather than urine. They are air-soluble and unlike a urinal block, do not require water to disperse the fragrance.
Measures 6¾ in diameter with a modern design that contains hundreds of raised rods to prevent splash back.

Ordering Information:
Priced per case of 24 same scented screens.

Available Fragrances: Cherry, Floral, Orange, and Pine Cone.

D4598 Fragranced Urinal Screen SDS PDF

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