Glue Stick, Clear, Non-Toxic

Glue Stick, Clear, Non-Toxic

E5351 - Wall Clock

E5351 - Wall Clock

E5385 - Heavy-Duty Stapler

As low as $21.41

A heavy-duty stapler designed for desk top operation and accommodates a staple strip of "heavy-duty" preformed staples. This stapler has a throat depth of 3¼" (8.3 cm) with an automatic feeding mechanism, providing a new staple after each stapling operation. It has a "power lever" or "strong arm", inherent in its design to allow for the stapling of larger projects, and will permit the use of three (3) sizes of heavy-duty staples:

  • ¼" staple which is used for projects consisting of 20 sheets or less
  • 3/8" staple which is used for projects consisting of 20-60 sheets
  • ½" staple which is used for projects between 60 and 100 sheets of paper.

When used properly, the staples will curl back on the underside of the paper forming a tight closed clinch. The stapler is predominately all metal, beige in color, and consists of a hardened and corrosion resistant spring steel, which will provide the end user with years of satisfactory service. It is also preeminently marked with the Occupations, Inc. trademark, for customer assurance of quality.

Ordering Information: Priced by the individual stapler or by a case of 10.

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