D4712-0000-000 - Utility Pad Holder Kit

D4712-0000-000 - Utility Pad Holder Kit

D4716-0000-000 - Squeegee, Straight 36

D4716-0000-000 - Squeegee, Straight 36"W Rubber Floor

D4713 - Replacement Utility Pads

As low as $12.71

Doodlebug pads are designed for most cleaning tasks, from light-duty cleaning of delicate surfaces to heavy-duty cleaning of dirt or finish buildup. Tough and resilient, these utility pads resist snagging or tearing and will not shred. Additionally, they can be used wet or dry, will not rust, oxidize or cause metal contamination.

Ordering Information:
Priced per case of 20 pads, packaged 5 pads per box, 4 boxes in a case.

Available in Red (fine to medium grade), Black (aggressive grade), or White (ultra fine grade).

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