A1406 - Thermal Underwear Shirts

A1406 - Thermal Underwear Shirts

A1401 - Athletic Tube Socks

A1401 - Athletic Tube Socks

A1404 - Unisex Work Crew Socks w/Logo, 3-Pair

As low as $9.31

Unisex work crew socks made from 80% cotton/ 15% polyester/ 5% elastic. Sized for large legs and extra large legs.

  • Large Leg: 10.5" Length, 3" Leg width
  • Extra Large Leg: 12" Length, 3" Leg width

This item meets the specifications for New York City Transit Authority, Style # 608B (large leg) and 608D (extra large leg).

Ordering Information: Priced per pack of 3 pair.

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